Discover How to Find the Strength to Not Give Up or Quit !

You will never have a reason to doubt just how powerful a person you really are after reading this book and you will be equipped with everything you could ever need to rejuvenate your energy and faith to persevere and achieve your desired outcome after reading these priceless reminders!


What They Say about the Book

“I really like what you have written, and I love the positive, yet quietly assertive tone of your words and beliefs. They feel very calming and there is a lovely rhythm going on throughout your confident statements that is simply wonderful.”

Mi Ae Lipe

“The methodology that Eric has used in his writing is accessible, to the point, and highly motivational. There are many useful mantras in this work that I find extremely thought-provoking and probably apply to us all at some time or another during our lives. While reading this, I became convinced that Eric A. Jones is indeed an altruist whose intention is to help others who might find themselves in difficulty”

Robertson Hunter Stewart


What’s Inside the Book?

Cool Outcome # 1

You will begin an internal  transformation that will serve as a gateway to better Know Yourself. 

Cool Outcome # 2

You will CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF BY CHANGING THE WAY YOU KNOW YOURSELF when you apply these priceless 15 reminders.

Cool Outcome # 3

You will never underestimate the power of negative thoughts or excuses and be armed to combat the temptation of both after reading this book.

About the Author

Eric Jones

Who is Eric Jones?  He is a person who has had the privilege of advising Heads of State around the globe.  He was inducted into the American Bar Foundations as a Fellow, which is a global honorary society of attorneys, judges, law faculty, and legal scholars whose public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the highest principles of the their profession and to the welfare of their communities.  

He is a man who has always shared his knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others and prides himself for functioning as a "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker."  

He has devoted the remainder of his life "TO FACILITATE OR PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET TO KNOW THYSELF AND SEIZE THE DAY; ergo Nosce te Ipsum et Carpe Diem in order for them to truly BELIEVE in themselves and their dreams.  

He is dedicated to insuring people develop the skills they need to achieve their dreams and follows an age old military principle to leave no person behind.  He will find a way to get you to your destination and help you transform your life.

Other Testimonials



What I love about this book is it's straightforward, easy to understand, and it speaks positively and constructively to me without hype and ego.

It has led me to consider and accept that we have more control of our conduct and lives than we often think we do.

Everyone should read this book to help themselves and others—it has so many valuable life lessons that most of us learn too late—if we ever learn them at all.

Mi Ae Lipe


I would like if you wrote a bigger book with more details and more examples. This book is really a life changer though, and I feel like it is not like other books we read, keep, and forget. Instead your book needs someone to go through it again and again when it's necessary.

Srephen Tucker

Retired U.S. Marine

Very well written and amazing layout and graphics!! I liked how the author laid out the 15 facts and then went on to explain more thoroughly in the 15 chapters.

I particularly liked and what chapters were most important and pertinent to me where the "Not One Second" and "Priorities" chapters in that order. We are not guaranteed another day and I think a lot of people lose sight of that. You always hear people putting off things until tomorrow, or when I have enough money, or when I can get off work and not seizing the opportunities that they have RIGHT NOW!!

Everybody should read this as a reminder of how fragile life is and how we should strive every day to make ourselves and our lives better. But, I think the key audience for this would be people who are struggling with life's challenges. Maybe they just lost a job, went through a divorce, is struggling with a custody battle, having issues with finances, and especially people dealing with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Robert Withrow

Retail Manager/Student

I feel like I will be learning from this book for a long time for reading it once is not enough.

The author amazed me. The words in the book were filled with great thoughts that I would like to have as my own. This is very smart and I have never read anything like this before.

This book is like a self-help book. It makes you feel better or I should say it made me feel better and gave me strength. It also is an introduction to what you do, which is help people be their best selves; which is pretty cool. The advice you have shared in this book and in our sessions have been life changing.

I really like the things that you suggest in this book. Those 15 facts are a good reminder for me. Those are the things that I only recently started to do in my life, practically, but it's easy to forget and slide back into old habits is what I have noticed. Especially with all the changing variables like Corona Virus, you know. I didn't expect to be studying from home right now.

Faith Calhoun


There are so many things to say about this book. It’s small in pages to read but immense in content and impact. Anyone reads it will definitely want to return to these precious words shared by the author. That's what I want to do. This book literally opens one's eyes to things that we don't really think about in daily life, but we would be better off as a society if we did.

Some where the author stated something like how do you know it is safe to trust your internal instincts and this made me think and although I did not come up with the answer the author suggested, it made sense to me.

It was nice to be reminded what matters is present and the power of choice live in me. This book helped me realize there are so many things I thought were real but were not really real, merely and illusion or limiting belief. This book is making me realize a lot of things.

Something that I should know but jumped out of me by surprise was that one can make your entire life miserable because of negative thoughts, and be unconscious that it is actually what we are doing. The way you said the things you shared got me thinking how about changing my lifestyle since it is all about one's own decisions. I did not really recognize how much control I really have over my life in spite of my circumstances but I am now. THANK YOU!


Home Maker/Artist

Amazing and helpful you will learn alot from it.

This book reminded me how to stay positive even in the days I feel the most struggle. Negative thoughts will not resolve if you keep saying can't...

This book is a must read for people depressed and think they are alone because they could learn something on the book and remain positive.

Sheila Guevarra

Business Manager

This is a good book to read specially for those who wanted to change their life at whatever stage they are. It's for those who wanted to win and take control of their lives and seeking true freedom.

I really loved how Eric shares YOU ARE THE RAINMAKER OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL MAKE IT RAIN. He re-enforces that I am in control of my life and I can win, I am a winner!

This book should be read by everyone who wants to change their life and work on this changes and to see it in a different way. This book has what it gets to live on our day to day life, remembering to slow down, live in the present and have a reality check whether we are really living our life and our truest potentials. I highly recommend this book to read everyday and apply it in our daily life. change will come along as we are planting seeds in our mind that will slowly unleash us to being who we truly are. I recommend it to be read slowly and digest every word of it. If possible copy and paste parts of it on your phone use it as a lock screen what resonates with you and be reminded of it everyday.

My impression of the music that accompanied the book was it has a good vibe that keeps you going and keeping you in a "chilling and relaxing" mode.

The music made me feel in a good or positive vibe that can keep you in an active mood.

Jasmine Santiago

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