7 Facts You Don’t know About Character Strengths But Should

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55 scholars dared to embark on the most comprehensive and robust effort ever to understand what’s best about human beings and how we build full and flourishing lives for ourselves and others.

What does this have to with character strengths?  It has EVERYTHING to do with character strengths.  

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because you deserve to know, and it is my life’s purpose to share the importance of Character Strengths so everyone on the planet can be liberated to perform at their highest potential and have the greatest impact in their sphere of influence.  So I have written this article as a means

“to personally facilitate or provide every person on the planet the opportunity to KNOW THYSELF & SEIZE THE DAY, ergo Nosce te Ipsum et Carpe Diem, in order for you to truly believe in yourself and your dreams and then equip you with the tools to realize them”

Eric Jones

So thank you for taking the initiative to increase your knowledge.  I promise you this will not be a waste of your time.  By time you finish this article you will not only know what Character Strengths actually are, but what your specific character strengths are.

I hope your curiosity is getting the best of you by now but please wait a minute.  Let me share one more thing that goes hand in hand with our topic of Character Strengths.

This article is being formulated and started on Valentine’s Day.  It seems appropriate since it is a day many set aside to express love to each other, and some are smart enough to even express a little self-love.   Depending on your personality you are probably either laughing, frowning, or feeling some warm tender sensation, but I digress.  I know you clicked to find out do you genuinely not know these facts but there is something I want you to think about. 

Society creates a special day of the year for expressing love but wouldn't you agree every day is Valentines and that we should share love with those important to us every single day?  We should share love with strangers as well, and after reading this article maybe you will be closer to being better equipped to do that as well as expressing genuine love to yourself and those important to you.  
Just as everyday could and should be Valentine’s Day, every day, is optimal for recognizing and expressing what is best about you.  So pay close attentions to what follows for the truth is most people’ cannot list what their Character Strengths Are. 

One of the Great Secrets In Life Is To Be Completely Engaged in What YOU are Doing in the Here and Now.



There Are 24 Recognized Strengths

You possess 24 specific character strengths that are used to some greater, all of which can be strengthened with effort.  You can take the opportunity to learn what they are later.  For now, just be aware you have 24 character strengths. 


Universally Recognized

Over 5 million people from every country in the world have taken the Values In Action (VIA) Survey which is currently translated into 37 languages, and there are over 300 scientific publications relating to the Survey in professional journals.  Your 24 Character Strengths have been synthesized from 6 Values recognized universally in every human being across religions, cultures, nations, and belief systems.

  • wisdom,
  • courage,
  • humanity,
  • justice,
  • temperance, and
  • transcendence

As with all research, information is tested, assessed, studied and peer reviewed.  Because of this, there is open discussion regarding whether those 6 Values could actually be culled down to the following three:

1) Caring

2) Inquisitiveness

3) Self-Control

While it could be argued that these three virtues might replace the six original virtues in practical conceptualization, this possibility has not        reached a scientific consensus to do so as of the writing of this article..

Lifelong Application

Character Strengths are the catalysts of positive speech and action that we can use in any situation for the rest of our life. 


Positively Aligned to Benefit All

Character strengths are positive traits/capacities that are personally fulfilling, do not diminish others, ubiquitous and valued across cultures, and aligned with numerous positive outcomes for oneself and others. 



Character Strengths are core to our being/identity and our doing/behavior. 


Pathway to Well-Being

Character Strengths are the basic building blocks of a flourishing life; character strengths are the pathways to well-being, described as PERMA – Positive emotions, Engagement, positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. 


Use & Development NOT Fixed

Character Strengths can be developed.  New research in personality psychology shows that personality is more changeable than originally thought and that the change is not necessarily slow and gradual,

occurring across many years, which was another previously held assumption.

 Research suggests there is a wide range of possibility for people to develop their traits, especially strengths of character. In discussing virtue theory, Bright (2016), echoing numerous philosophers over the centuries, explains that virtues are traits that are second-nature to the person, developable, and acquired through intention and effort


Character Strengths expert, Ryan Neimiec, has noted the development of character is not a new topic, and neither is the argument that intentional or deliberate interventions can be deployed to improve a character strength. Many centuries ago, Aristotle (4 BCE/2000) and Saint Thomas Aquinas (1265–1273/1989) emphasized that virtue could be acquired through practice. One of the founding fathers of the US, Benjamin Franklin (1962), set up a personal system in which he placed his attention on improving one virtue per week while leaving the other virtues to “their ordinary chance.”

Franklin tracked his progress and journaled about his experiences. In his autobiography, he described this approach as contributing greatly to his happiness and life successes. People can learn to be more curious, more grateful, more fair, or better critical thinkers. The key is to create new habits through practice and effort over time, which allows us to break free from routines.


When applied, character strengths have strong potential to boost well-being, foster resilience, improve relationships, and create strong, supportive “cultures” in families, classrooms, and organizations. To this end, character strengths lubricate and catalyze the good life while managing hardships and life challenges

Focusing on what we are naturally good at produces better results than constant attention to what we don’t do well?  This is at the core of recognizing and utilizing one’s strength in a more targeted and intentional manner.

In learning and utilizing your core character strengths you learn to accept and embrace your weaknesses in a healthy manner.  By accepting your weaknesses, you are better able to accept your strengths.  In a counter intuitive fashion, you learn to let go and reduce the need to operate in areas of weakness.  Please take not, this does not involve being irresponsible or abdication, but rather enables you to become the outstanding performer that is within you.

I wish to close with this for your consideration.  Whether you realize it or not you create a climate or atmosphere around you.  As you gain clarity regarding your strengths, you will have the confidence to understand better the climate/atmosphere  you are creating presently.  This will provide you with the opportunity to generate an even more positive climate at work, home, and any other places you spend time.


If you wish to learn your 24 Character Strengths and identify your Top 5 strengths, known as Signature strengths subscribe below and be taken to the VIA Survey mentioned earlier in this article.  Become part of the over 5 million participants world wide to identify the best in themselves through this survey.  Lay the foundation to better unleash your best.  Learn what strengths you have in your personal arsenal in order to enhance and improve your performance in work, family, and life as a whole.

Make your good great, your great outstanding, and your outstanding extraordinary.

If your struggling, take action to change that.  In the end, whether you feel bored, frustrated and trapped by your present life or are ready to turn your aspirations and ideas into action, mastering your strengths can be the game changer for you.

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