Can meaningful change that unites, not divide, come to pass if there is no love or respect for one another? Can we respect and love one another when there is a difference in ideology, political beliefs, and/or religion?

This article is taken in large part from a comment I wrote after reading what I thought was a lovely article by Michael J. MacDonald, a member of the LinkedIn community titled “Clinton Wins on Recount.” What was lovely about the article was not the wishful thinking for half a nation, as the title suggests, but the thoughtful expression of its content which called for us to come together to work and bring about constructive change for our Nation.

I have read several articles on and off LinkedIn regarding peoples reaction to the election results. I have been engulfed by so many that I have had to watch myself and make sure I do not get too drawn into all the political discourse that is rampant less than a week since the election results were tallied. However Mr. MacDonald’s title caught my eye so I clicked, read the article and then some of the comments. Some of the comments are what inspired me to write this article and ask these questions.

I was saddened by what I saw. I was sad to witness with my own eyes that even when a person takes the time to share a message of hope and reconciliation, so much disrespect could be expressed to another human being. I was sad to discern attitudes of bitterness and annoyance for his expression in the first place. Some complaints were do to the forum but others were gloating by stating I am not bitter, “WE WON.”

In such discourse all I can do is take a breath and remember that I love our species because we are capable of so much infinite good, in spite of our inverse capability of so much infinite harm. So now I sit writing this article feelings as if I am swimming up stream thus against the current, to share my thoughts regarding what I see, after reading the article and a quick skim of the comments.

In my opinion, if Donald Trump is not assassinated and is able to take office and there is a smooth transition of power, regardless of how much concern I have regarding the possible policies and action that may flow from a Republican controlled Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and I might argue Judiciary Branch as well, “WE ALL ONE” at least with regards to demonstrating to the rest of the world that our form of government can withstand the bitter disagreements of its citizens.

I personally am concerned at this moment because I do not see the President-Elect reaching across the isles to figure out how to really work with one another to take what is very important to all parties and do our best to make it acceptable and understandable for all. Instead I see the continued reliance of the same old voices to push forward the same old policies and actions that are feared by approximately half a nation.

How can this be a change from politics as normal? How can seeking advice from the same people bring about different results? I do not know. What I do know is that I was taught “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” It is my firm belief that “WE THE PEOPLE” have a duty to insure that President-Elect Trump does not engage in the same ideas and offer the same policies of the Republican Establishment. CHANGE means CHANGE and America needs real change.

I do not care anymore who was running for office or what our choices were. I care about the here and now and how are we going to free ourselves from enough rhetoric and distractions to truly focus, unite our people as much as possible, and implement policies that are truly good for America as a whole and not just those with a particular ideological view on life.

I could be wrong but I have yet to see any real CHANGE. I love President Obama as a human being and a person who has executed and endured one of the hardest offices in the world. I never thought I would say it but I sincerely mean it when I write I love you Mr. President-Elect Donald Trump and wish you the best as you are preparing to execute your most challenging work to date and also will have to endure the challenges of one of the hardest offices in the world.

Based on comments I have read readers of this Article and those who know me may be shocked for me to use the word “LOVE” on LinkedIn but I would like to remind everyone that this Social Media platform caters to all professions and what impacts all those industries. I would say the events of November 11, 2016 effectively impacted everyone and every industry and thus this forum is just as valid a place to express what is on each others mind as Facebook or Twitter.

Further, we all have a choice of what articles to click on or not to click on. For those of you who are not interested in such articles maybe instead of exercising your right to express your own concerns in what feels to me a less empowering way, maybe you might consider writing your own article expressing your views for consideration as well. Maybe you would consider sharing how the comments you left or the feelings you hold can better the LinkedIn Community and possibly the business world as a whole.

I do not know for I am not you and you are not me and I cannot control what you feel or think. My way of thinking, even if maybe less adversarial is not the right or best way. It is just a way. Similarly, Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton, neither the best way or right way in my opinion but instead a way. Regardless, this election was supposedly about CHANGE and no more politics as normal. So my question is PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump can I please see or ideally participate in some of this change. I want to see it. I am dying to see it as part of “WE THE PEOPLE” that did not vote for you along with “WE THE PEOPLE” that did vote for you.

This brings me back to what I said I did not believe I would ever say. I love you President-Elect Donald Trump. The funny thing about love is it is more about choice and commitment than emotion. I did not elect you. I was offended by many things you said but you are to be OUR President, our “Commander and Chief”so I chose to lay down my fears, my assumptions. I chose to forgive you for your past and judge you by what you say and do today.

It is my belief that this is what we owe our President-Elect and one another for a REAL HOPE FOR CHANGE. The Question is who is strong enough to broker real change from a spirit of love and not pride? To all I wish you Peace, Love and Tranquility in a time and space where most consider such terms lame and inapplicable and ineffectual as well. I am Eric Jones a Transformational Facilitator, who are you?

About the Author Eric Jones

Eric Jones signature strengths are Fairness, Kindness, Gratitude, Appreciation for Beauty & Excellence, and Social Intelligence. Mr. Jones enjoys facilitating his client’s discovery into a realm most seldom. entertain, the things we don't know that we don't know. Most people know what they know. Most people know what they don’t know. Few people entertain there is a realm that exist, which is made up of the things we don’t know that we don’t know. This is the realm that intrigues and inspires Mr. Jones the most. According to Mr. Jones, this is the realm where the impossible becomes possible. Mr. Jones purpose is to personally facilitate or provide every person on the planet the opportunity to KNOW THYSELF & SEIZE THE DAY, ergo Nosce te Ipsum et Carpe Diem, so they may truly BELIEVE in themselves and their DREAMS and then ensure they are empowered to achieve them. Mr. Jones believes facilitating this self-discovery and knowledge could restore balance in a chaotic world that has been caused by too many people being shaped in the image of others instead of themselves. He further believes humanity depends on these unrealized innovators, creators, creations, engineers, inventors, inventions, caregivers, farmers, scientist, teachers, and a gamete of other craftsmen & women for a more stable and sustainable world.

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