What follows is a comment to an environmental question I posed in response to a Facebook post where many people felt Greta Thunberg was appropriate fodder to munch on.


As I worked through my response it became clear to me why the United States could find itself hearing cries from those feeling disenfranchised for another civil war in the United States.

So be patient with this post, to learn what is at the root of this insidious disease.



Can someone help me out? Is it fact or fiction that 97% to 98% of all the worlds scientist, qualified and recognized to talk on the topic of climatology assert that Global Warming is a legitimate issue that has been contributed to from man-made causes?  

I get that there are scientists that do not agree, and say the cause of Global Warming are unknown or disagree with their peers but is it really an approximate 97% to 3% split?

Everything I have read seems to suggest it is this significant a difference in opinion, pro verses con. Can anyone provide me with differing summation of scientist backing and questioning he scientific findings?

If you assert it is fiction, can you please substantiate your source and provide what you believe are the actual percentages of scientist for and opposed?


The truth about climate change


I appreciate your response but that is not what I am looking for.  I have been an environmentalist in my soul before anyone was talking about global warming.  I have always had issues with how we treat our home (earth and literal home) and felt a connection to nature.

Whether you are talking about what you do to your own alleged personal property or the earth as a whole, I could never understand how people can take such a self-centered and self focused approach to the environment and believe they should and could liter and pollute as if we have no responsibility for insuring we have fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink.


I do not believe I am the only one who misses just being able to come upon a stream and just bend down and drink without fear of toxic contamination.  I do not believe I am the only one who has been out in the wilderness, whether it be here in the Philippines or any place in the world, and want to take a deep breath of fresh air only to feel disappointment the air was not fresh because someone was burning plastic somewhere.  You thought you were alone in nature only to discoverer someone was close enough and burning something toxic and spoiling your ability to simply breathe in peace.

Sometimes I just want to take a deep breath and breathe clean air and not smell burning plastic but that has become so hard.  So many things we should take for granted are now a challenge with so much of the worlds population living as if the earth is one big garbage can and as if we are all free to throw our refuse anywhere we choose.

For you U.S. Citizens, you may be old enough to remember the old commercials they use to run of a Native American with a tear in his eye as he viewed how poorly the environment was being treated.

You may also remember the GIVE A HOOT AND DON'T POLLUTE commercials as well.  I suppose all of this would just be seen as leftist propaganda today, created to deprive men and women of their God given right to do whatever the heck they want to the environment.  However, as child and young adult, they touched my heart and way of thinking in a meaningful way.  I stopped littering and showing more respect for the environment.

None of this is directly on point, as to whether there is any reason to believe that the human species isn't killing itself or that our conduct isn't reshaping the appearance of the earth and our ability to survive as a species.  But if you were to ask me what it dies illustrate, I would share it

Seems like we really have lost our common sense, humility and humanity.

I am a warrior.  I was trained to fight, to kill, and defend those unable to defend themselves.  I have been indoctrinated to believe many things throughout my life but none of that training overrode my ability to think for myself.  We have all been given a brain and do not need to rely on experts to use common sense.  

There is a reason it is called common sense.  That is because certain levels of reasoning are common to most of us.

Being raised a person of color in Arizona I have witnessed just how ugly people can treat a young person just for being different.    All the hate, contempt, judgment, and intolerance I routinely see expressed online, especially in groups online like this one has become heart breaking. 

It is nothing new.  The derogatory words people speak of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is nothing new either.  People have been cruel to each other, of all ages for a long time.  The world seems filled with people ready to express an attitude of:

Us against them.  You are either with us or against us.  The world is trying to destroy us.  If you do not think like me, we cannot be friends and I sure as heck will not be civil, polite, or show you any respect..

What ever happened to the days when it was deemed better to hold the other person in higher esteem than yourself? 


What happened to the days were we really respected one another, not because we shared the same political view but instead because we recognized the intrinsic value we each bring to this journey called life?

I rarely see people online expressing a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements but that is at the heart of showing respect.


I am not a Donald Trump Fan.  I am more predisposed to protecting the environment than corporate exploration for fossil fuels.  Regardless, I am sure I could find something positive and good to say about each and every person who bothers to read this post.  I even can demonstrate respect for Donald Trump even thought he has said and done things I find repugnant. 

I loath so many things the President has said and done.  I use this fact only for the sake of illustrating my primary point at the heart of this message, which unveils why the United Stated could get entangled into a second Civil War if people do not see what is happening to them over the 2016 Presidential election

In spite of my feelings that arise from many things the President has said and done, I still have the mental and emotional integrity to be able to acknowledge there are things about him worthy of the illustration of respect based on his abilities, qualities, and accomplishments. 

NOTE: For a good article chronicling a person grapple with sheer panic and fear over Donald Trump being elected President of the United States and illustrating how someone can go from insanity to civility read my post:


It is my belief that each of us have done something in our life that is worthy of admiration based on our abilities.  Each and everyone of us has achieved something worthy of admiration.

As previously mentioned, I hate many things I have seen expressed in forums online such as this one.  I hate many things I have heard expressed by not only the current President of the United States but probably every President of the United States, including the great Abraham Lincoln.


Because we do not live in a vacuum.  People are fluid, changing, and growing.  No one is all good or all bad, to the best of my limited human understanding.  Every president and every person is capable of doing good and evil.  Engaging in behavior that is honorable and dishonorable in the same day.  No one gets it right all the time.  It is why our humility is so important.

Some assert Abraham Lincoln was racist at one point in his life, if not his entire life.  This is in spite of the Emancipation Proclamation issued on January 1, 1863.  This fact does not mean he is not worthy of respect.  

Nathan Bedford Forrest was a cavalry officer in the Confederate army with the rank of lieutenant-general during the American Civil War and the fact that I was more predisposed for the North to win over the South, this does not mean that Nathan Bedford Forrest was not worthy of respect as a cavalry officer, a southerner, or a man.

Both of these men rose to the challenges of their lives and had their character tested.  Both did exceptional things worthy of respect and thus I publicly hold both men in high esteem in spite of their documented actual and alleged failings and shortcomings.  

And yes, for those who may think I do not know that Nathan Forrest was allegedly the first Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and accused of a massacre of black soldiers, I am aware of this.  I am also aware of his call for unity to rebuild the union after the civil war and the speech he gave before the Pole-Bearers Association in 1875 calling for equality between blacks and whites.

So I stand by my words, that I choose to hold both men in esteem regardless of the numerous negative words written for and against them throughout history; for I recognize one thing about human beings.  We do not operate in a vacuum and we are each capable of so much infinite good and evil.


Someone once wrote that criticizing others is dangerous, not just because you make mistakes about them, but because you may be revealing the truth about yourself.

There is so much toxic hate expressed among folks online who may have been called at one time or another to fight side by side, against a common enemy.  Folks may have served in the armed forces or been public servants in once capacity or another.  But when people get online, something rises up inside of many that diminishes the willingness to remain respectful towards one another.

I wonder if idealistically we could rise up and decide the greater good was to accept, respect and appreciate that every human being on the planet wants to live a life feeling safe, expressing love and care for their family, and connecting with folks that do not seek to harm them or impede them from becoming the best they can be?

I wonder if we could decide the enemy was incivility, impatience, judgment, criticism, disrespect, and any conduct that breeds malicious and negative intent?


I wake up every morning and check into whatever news feed gets selected that will send my way whatever information some Algorithm, yes some mathematical computation, has predisposed will more likely be in alignment with how I have expressed I am thinking, feeling or leaning towards since its last computation. 

WE ARE ALL BEING FED WHAT SOMEONE ELSE THINKS WE ARE PREDISPOSED INTO BELIEVING, and the search results re-enforce this click after click.  Each click is only strengthening our beliefs and this should scare us regardless of political affiliation.

This is why I did not need to make the Google search recommended, even though I appreciated the suggestion sincerely.

I am just wondering does anyone else think we need to get back to thinking about what is right or wrong about us and not worrying so much about what is right or wrong about someone else?  Do we also need to become more aware of what we are feeding ourselves in our news feeds?

My best friend can love Donald Trump and I can think of many reasons not to support Donald Trump, and still love my best friend because he is my best friend.

However, many people are getting to a point in life, where their political beliefs and personal beliefs have led them to lose friendships.  

I have had close friends share how they have been unfriended due to posts that came in on their Facebook feeds that were contrary to their alleged friend’s liking's.  That is hurtful.  It is alienation and both sides are engaged in it.  We are allowing news outlets and other peoples opinions impact how we view the very folks we have expressed fondness and affection for.

I do not like a lot of things I see and hear on the news outlets and online but my friends are my friends.  They are the ones who have been there for me through thick and then.  We have laughed together.  We have cried together.  We have broke bread.  We have dreamed together.

Is any President, or view on religion, or climate, or any manner of matters, worth throwing away such moments and memories?

A Civil War has happened and can happen again.  People get so blinded they lose sight on what is truly important.

What is really important gets supplanted with matters that are nowhere near as important as our underlying relationships with one another.

We do not have to hate and kill each other.  We do not have to be insecure or jealous.  We all can find something worthy of expressing a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Will you join me is spreading this idea instead of choosing to be another person that ridicules someone for being different?

We all have more in common, regardless of ethnicity, geographic location, and even BELIEFS.  We seem to lose sight of that fact but this is a genuine truth and fact.  

My hope is you will at least consider these words before any of you degrade another human being for any reason, but especially for reasons that will not impact your character or the immediate well-being of your family. 

Our life is sacred and priceless.  As much as I would like to snatch that life from someone who thinks differently than me at times, doesn't that admission reveal a greater weakness in me?  Isn't the source triggering the anger and rage just a light highlighting that something is wrong with me for feeling this way and wanting to act on it?

It is my deepest belief that our reactions are not as much about them (the one we are reacting against) as it is about whatever is going on in each one of us and how we think the outcome ultimately will impact us. 

I can be a warrior and still wish Peace, Love, and Tranquility for each and everyone of you and for those important to you.  I can decide for myself that even if I may not understand you, I can decide that I can learn to understand you if I really want to and if we both really want to find a common ground. 

It is just a matter of do we want to be right from an ego stand point or can we be open to understand how someone else believes as well, in order to find that common ground.  It is not always easy but it is definitely possible.


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