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CIVIL WAR! Is That What You Are Crying For?

goldengate2-dimensions-editedgoldengate2-dimensions-editedgoldengate2-dimensions-editedThis article can be seen as a PART TWO, to my previous article titled [From “Someone Please Blow Up Trump Tower” To Hope and Possibility].

It is written to express I can feel the the pain expressed by my friends and strangers alike.  I understand the fear that has polarized and griped our nations, but it does not have to tear us apart.

In my previous article I expressed I went straight into FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode and had a strong visceral reaction. Sharing that experience with the world through this medium of expression created a FLIGHT response in my own parents who declared they were deleting my article and email I sent to them out of fear that the Secret Service or others would come knocking or pounding on their door.

That was a sad commentary of current state of affairs.  It breaks my heart to hear such an expression of fear be illicit in another human being.  RIPE, TOXIC, DEBILITATING fear released for merely expressing my own fear and how I came to grips with it.

It is my strongest belief people need to slow down and take a deep breath and BELIEVE in our form of government.  This is the time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to mobilize on both left and right, with wise leadership on both sides working together to truly find a real common ground for unity, and not to fall apart and give into our FEAR.

The American form of government is a resilient form of government designed to protect the minority as well as the majority.  The reason the system does not appear to work, especially for the minority is because “WE THE PEOPLE” to not get involved as much as we should.  We have to be galvanized by something extreme like the results of the election to get vocal but we need to be more than vocal “WE THE PEOPLE” need to take ACTION.

There are all these tears by those who engaged the democratic process and voted.  Some voted for Hillary Clinton.  Some voted for Donald Trump.  Others voted their conscience.  Others abstained all together.  The totality of the actions that were taken gave us the results that were obtained.

As much as a States Person and seasoned politician that Hillary Clinton is.  It was not easy for me to vote for her.  I have pictures of me and her on my website and I value many things she stands for.  No matter how the Right has villainized her and projected images that she was the devil incarnate through any number of one sided negative explicatives, and no matter what character traits she possessed that were exploited by her opposition, she has always brought and still can bring positive outcomes to the American people and humanity as a whole.  Frankly, it is my humble opinion, that the same is true about President-Elect Donald Trump.

Let me get very real and direct.  I have watched the Republican’s put forth policies that democratic Presidents have not vetoed but instead signed that have turned our nation upside down and divided families, especially in the African-American Community (e.g. Prison Sentencing/3 Strikes) and Immigrant Community (Draconian Immigration policies signed into law by Bill Clinton as well).

I have seen the Republican use their power to appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, and other federal courts in an effort to dismantle many beliefs I stand for.  It is a sad time to think of all the repressive and restrictive actions that could take place over the next 4 to 8 years.

My first article and this article does not suggest our President-Elect is anything more than what he has confessed to be with his own lips. My article presents that we are all in pain, Those who elected Donald Trump and those of us who would have never voted for him.

I agree that people are very ignorant at times (all of us) and all are foolish if they believe this government or government in general truly care about “We The People” as they should.   I know that sounds like a cynical statement and it may be but it is what I believe for in my opinion the whole system is broken and corrupt on so many levels because “WE THE PEOPLE” abdicate too much responsibility without oversight to our elected officials. but the reality is democracy took effect on November 9, 2016.  In my heart it feels like it was a revolution but no matter how one feels what took place was within the guidelines of how our leaders are elected to Office.

Clinton failed to hear the cry of the people and those who did not vote or cast a vote for a third party candidate allowed a partially toxic segment of our population, a Spokesperson into the White House in the person hood of our current President-Elect, Donald Trump.

In the wake of these events I, as an American, have a duty to HOPE that “WE THE PEOPLE” can survive this event and find a way to pull together and see and recognize the pain of one another. It is rarely done in reality but it does happen and I was and am stating it needs to happen now and I will come to Washington and travel the country to help if you but ask me President-Elect Donald Trump.

I further was and am declaring sometimes, not often but sometimes. someone arises to a place in life and realizes the sheer magnitude and awesomeness of responsibility that has fallen upon them and clean themselves up. Such an example would be a man or woman who has been irresponsible most of their life and then discover they are going to be a parent.

Sometimes the awesomeness of that responsibility causes one or both to sober up, stop using drugs, clean up their life, find steady employment etc.  By analogy outside of tearing down the walls of democracy that I dawned more than one uniform and took more than one oath to defend, all I can do is do my part to participate in the healing of our nation, seek to be a Bridge-Builder and Way-Maker where people only see a gulf that divides; and BELIEVE in Possibility instead of Impossibility.

I am not a fool.  I have endured a lot of pain under the actions of Republican Policies but I have experienced the same pain and hardships under the actions of Democratic Policies. I have voted democratic and I have voted Republican in this life. I have at times been led by specific issues, and I have been led to vote against certain ideologies at times. However, no matter how I voted, I never wanted to see the destruction of my country or the division of its people for WE ARE THIS NATION.

In the end the government is going to see to its own existence and all we have is ourselves and those we care about. In time of catastrophe “WE THE PEOPLE” are a second thought. Preserving the continuity of Government will always be the primary objective and concern.  It is a morbid fact to think we put them in power, and they will let us die when the bombs go off.

There is no bunkers for you and I, no Air Force Once to whisk us way to safety. There are no contingencies purchased or created for the top 1% but that is another topic for another day.

As for what will happen under the incoming administration, I DO NOT KNOW. I fear a lot of bad but I am calling on President-Elect Donald Trump to rise above the fray of his ego and help our nation be un-gripped by fear. I calling on President-Elect Donald Trump to truly lead and in this case that leadership requires him to depart from the Left and the Right and fight for REAL CHANGE that only an outsider COULD OFFER.

It is my belief that if TRUMP has the courage and integrity to be a TRUE LEADER and not a Bully, he can present actions for the betterment of all of us,.  These actions may or may not get passed but if he presents good ideas and the Republican controlled House and Senate refuse to pass them, it will be like what we witnessed in ANALOGY through the struggle for Human and Civil Rights in the 50’s and 60’s.

In my opinion, what was powerful about the television coverage of the attacks on protesters not fighting back, was no one could be confused about what was happening before their eyes. A power elite was using their sheer magnitude of power and force to suppress, subdue and wipe out a people only asking for what should have been guaranteed to them already as a citizen of this Nation.

Likewise if Donald Trump would only find true moral courage to realize the responsibility and significance of the mantle placed upon him and to TRULY THINK what does he want to be his legacy, CIVIL WAR and the Disintegration of our great Nation OR a United America where “WE THE PEOPLE” can enjoy a good education, healthcare, employment and a hope for a better tomorrow and act in favor of the latter we could have a truly inspiring and remarkable 4 or 8 years of politics, with “WE THE PEOPLE” kicking out and electing others committed to reform for “WE THE PEOPLE” instead of a select few.  YES, I know this is only a dream or hope but it is still possible because WE ARE THIS NATION.  Even Donald Trump is in office to SERVE “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Like it or not, unless we later learn our elections were impacted by external foreign powers and President-Elect Trump was in collusion with such powers I must look to fight to bridge the gap and engage in dialogue for unity and inclusiveness of ALL AMERICAN’s.

I want to hit this point hard, one more time.  The man known to be an EGOMANIAC, Sexist, Racist, bigoted man is no longer chairman of the board with absolute power.  In our form of government, he is a servant to US, “WE THE PEOPLE” when we rise up and assert OUR TRUE POWER.  So I do not believe we need to tremble in fear.  I do not believe the sky is falling if “WE THE PEOPLE” are ready to work double time and demand that they be heard and force our leaders to really knuckle down and find ways to UNITE our PEOPLE instead of divide.  So let us come to the table is talk to one another instead of at one another for a CHANGE. (Yes, we can)!

I believe Albert Camus the 1957 Nobel Prize winner in Literature was on to something when he wrote “the world needs real dialogue, that falsehood is just as much the opposite of dialogue as is silence, and that the only possible dialogue is the kind between people who remain what they are and speak their minds.”

Camus further wrote the words “pessimism” and “optimism” need to be clearly defined and that, until we can do so, we must pay attention to what unites us rather than to what separates us.” Those words were written in regards to a philosophical debate between “Christians” and “un-believers” but it is pertinent to the topic at hand because our nation is divided in many ways due to underlying fundamental beliefs along similar lines.

Donald Trump and those who both preach and spread fear can act like rabid dogs and unleash deeper division in our Nation backed by divisive ideology, rhetoric and the likes or they can take the opportunity to build something remarkable: a stronger and more resilient America less beholden on the powers to be and more on ourselves and the underlying principles of our way of governance.

Borrowing slightly from Camus I close with I am waiting for a grouping of all those who refuse to be dogs and are resolved to pay the price that MUST be paid so that American’s, but actually all of HUMANITY can be something more than a dog.

If people on the left and right made up their minds to fight for unity verses divisiveness, millions of voices–millions, I say throughout the world would be added to the appeal of a handful of isolated individuals who without any sort of affiliation today, intercede almost everywhere and ceaselessly for the Human Soul and the well being of America.

I am Eric Anthony Jones.  I have worn many hats.  Today I am a Bridge-Maker and Way-Maker.  Now I have a question for you.  Who are you?

About the Author Eric Jones

The author was born with a compassionate heart for others and has dedicated his life to assisting people solve what they call problems but he refers to as merely challenges to be overcome. His name means "Ruler In Peace," which is a lofty aspiration he strives to live up to. He focuses on roles that permit him to utilize his skills as a "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker" for he is happiest helping bridge gaps between what people have and strive to achieve or obtain. He believes there is always a way and never tires in his effort to find that way for each person he assists. He understands that we live in a world of finite resources but believes in the infinite possibilities we can manifest if we simply choose to BELIEVE and then take ACTION in furtherance of our Belief. Ultimately this means he believes he can find a way to make what others see as impossible, POSSIBLE.

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