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From Reaction to rationality is the journey I was forced to travel over a matter of seconds to hours.  Donald Trump’s victory struck me with an intense visceral reaction that I was shocked to experience.  Yes I was shocked as I realized that for a moment in time I was wishing someone would rush to where he was and blow up the entire location.  I did not think “Kill Donald Trump”.  I thought blow up the whole place.

I could not believe these thoughts came to my mind.  The killing of a man just because of the stupid things he has sad and done that greatly offend me.  Death was the internal cry from me for a person achieving his dream, achieving his goal.  What a bitter pill to swallow to realize how uncivilized we all can be when we feel threatened.

The worse part is at that moment of thought I did not care who was present, and that was also what chilled me.  To kill this man was to kill all those who loved him, his son, his daughters, siblings, wife, friends and supporters.  I did not wish them harm but that would have been the result.  All these people could be injured or killed whom may or may not espouse all the putrid, divisive and hateful rhetoric that has flown from President-Elect Trump’s mouth.  Ohhh the power of fear in a flash of a moment and thank God or whatever for a counterbalance to such fear and impulse.

No one deserves to die for unpopular beliefs.  There should be no degree of permissible collateral damage to eradicate the perceived threat of our President-Elect, Donald Trump, especially if you believe in the Greatness of The United States of America.  “WE THE PEOPLE” came out and expressed ourselves.  Democracy was demonstrated to the world once again.

In an election like this half our nation was bound to be disappointed,  None-the-less our nation is beginning the process to hand over power to another faction without tanks rolling down the streets and blood being shed as a governmental act.  I say as an act of government because unquestionably American’s may kill each other over the election results from the same visceral response that came over me, but those would be isolated incidents of people losing their minds and not an illustration of our great systems failing.



Even if there were many who wallow in what I believe are the uglier sides of the American psyche (racism, sexism, xenophobia, and an overall victims mentality) that supported and voted for the President-Elect, a vote for Donald Trump does not necessarily embrace that expression or mindset.  At least this simple man with a law degree, who happens to be multi-ethnic, served in the military, worked in the criminal justice system and practiced Immigration & International law while walking through the halls of the executive, judiciary and legislative branches does not think so.

To me this election is the REVERSE outcry of the same people, the AMERICAN people.  Most of us, regardless of ethnicity feel marginalized, underrepresented and pretty hopeless about our future.  I kept hearing yesterday through the commentary that large numbers of WHITE, UNEDUCATED (no college degree) MALES paved the path for Trumps victory.  There battle cry being enough is enough.  PLEASE STAND FOR ME.  You look like me.  You sound like me and if most are honest, it is my belief that many even said you say the things I want to say but don’t.

The election, at least to me, was the crying out of a broken heart and spirit that was unleashed unfortunately be a divisive person who spread more discord than unity.  For me the only positive was at least he acknowledged their pain and gave them hope for a better tomorrow.  My fear is what that better tomorrow sincerely looks like for him and those who follow him.

I understand my brothers and sister pain.  MY pain does not have to be for the exact same reasons to understand the pain of those who rose to the trumpet call of Donald Trump.  Those who rose to the trumpet call of Donald Trump  do not have to recognize that there pain is the same pain that most of the underrepresented and disenfranchised within our borders and without feel.  However it would be nice if they could.  Someone needs toSomeone needs to be able to offer all those that are suffering to live and thrive in this nation a real chance and hope for a better today and tomorrow.

I will not CRY because Donald Trump was elected President of the United States even though I could not vote for him for all the hateful things he said about me as a person of color.  I did not want this day but I did believe this day was possible and necessary to place a SPOTLIGHT on the heart and soul of ALL the people of this great nation once again.  We get lost in ideology, dogma, stereotypes, and any number of things to group us and forget that there is a least common denominator and that is we are HUMAN and that we each have NEEDS that must be met.  When those needs are not met, you can bet there will be trouble.


11/9 THE NEW 9/11

Some people have declared that yesterday for me, and today for many is the new 9/11 because the date was 11/9.  All thought I understand the sentiment and it is catching, it is my opinion that the expression of democracy cannot be linked to the acts of terror unleashed on that terrible day.  What happened on 9/11 was malicious.  Many innocent people lost their lives by a bunch of desperate cowards who thought they were being brave but instead pulled from a set of human values and strengths unbecoming of a person who understands there are more civilized and appropriate ways to express ones discourse like what took place on November 9, 2016.  What happened on this day, was a segment of the American Population cried out and said listen to us please and try something different because what you currently are doing is NOT WORKING and they reached a critical mass to elect DONALD TRUMP.  There can be no correlation.  There can be fear, uncertainty and heartache.  “WE THE PEOPLE” won on 11/9 not terrorism and we have no idea if the outcome will be as bleak as we fear.  So I repeat I do not think people should rally behind the notion that 11/9 and 9/11 should be linked in any capacity.

What I hope people see and do not miss is the same message, “THE STATUS QUO DOES NOT WORK,” “SOMETHING IS CLEARLY BROKEN AND IT NEEDS TO GET FIXED.”  I believe this is a belief shared by most.   To me this is the cry on both sides of our divided nation and thus we are not so different but we sure are willing to run out and get our guns and kill one another because we do not respect each others pain or care for one another the way we should.

It is my firm belief that we should act towards one another like we did when real terrible events take place like the real 9/11.  When we recognize that we have been attacked and see that someone is suffering whether it be from terrorist, natural disaster, or some other culprit, “WE THE PEOPLE” stand up together to bring peace, comfort and support for those in need.

My humble hope is that “WE THE PEOPLE” can finally open our eyes and work together and recognize the only enemy in America is ANYONE who truly does not care about the suffering of his brother or sister as much as their own.  This person is not only a threat to America but to humanity as a whole.  Who are you going to be?  What do you choose to do?



For me, I am Eric Anthony Jones and part of who I AM is an AMERICAN.  I choose to stand for our President-Elect, whom I have never hated for I know we all have our vices.  Most people, if honest, are guilty of many things and even though we are quick to judge a persons character by the things they say and do, a person is not doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again until they take their very last breath.  People do Change.  Barrack Obama made a huge effort for people to believe in “CHANGE” and in “YES WE CAN.”  President Obama if you read these words by some miracle please do not think I am trying to misuse your message for the character expressed previously by our current President-Elect for I am not.  I am trying to embody the spirit of those words chanted by millions under your presidency.  The same message needs to be inculcated and remembered ALWAYS regardless of the President.  “YES WE CAN”, and I would add “YES WE MUST”

We all want to believe in redemption and that is what took me to the other side of my personal roller coaster ride to a place of HOPE and a BELIEF in POSSIBILITY.  It would be funny if I, a mostly unknown man who is transitioning his life from law to being a person to help others BELIEVE in themselves and their dreams again, could not find possibility in our President-Elect Election where half the nation see’s Impossibility.  NO, I say let the person who is without sin throw the first stone.  Yes, our President-Elect has said and done some atrocious things.  This is a fact but so did Hillary, so have we ALL. No one wants to admit we are all fallible.

George Bush Junior had DUI’s or a DUI under his belt but became President.  We scream morality and that our political leaders should have impeccable character but most people do not have and we all stumble and fall.  Bill Clinton cheated on his wife as President of the United States, so he fell in the eyes of all those people quick to judge another when they do what we deem wrong, yet we all are guilty of something.  Some are guilty more than others, but we are ALL guilty.



Who reading this article has not failed?  Who has not failed to live up to their own expectations?  Who has not let out an utterance out of pride, anger, fear or other that they wish never came forth?  Who among us is truly without any vices?  Only a few such people have allegedly walked upon the face of the earth, like JESUS for example. if your belief system allows you to even believe he was ever born and lived.  So I am going to take a passage out of the Bible and say let the person without sin throw the first stone.

Maybe this will set a precedent not to focus so much on what stupid things a person does in their past because we are all ignorant in some capacity or another.  I am not saying it is good to say or do the things the President-Elect has said or done.  I am saying that in spite of himself maybe good can come from it.  Not meaning to quote the Bible so much but there is an illustration that asserts that God Can even use a Jack-Ass for its purposes and before people think I am asserting the President-Elect is a Jack-Ass I will expressly deny it here.  Noah was Drunk.  David was a murder.  But they all did good things according to the stories, is the point I am trying to make.



I wish our President-Elect the best for he is entering one of the most stressful offices on the planet.  It is the only position  I have ever witnessed the toll it takes on a person’s hair color so drastically.  Every President’s hair grays and whitens after 4 years in the White House.   This does not happen to the Vice-President, members of the President’s Cabinet, nor member of the House, Senate or those who sit in the Judiciary.  It only happens to the President but I digress.

President-Elect Trump has made a lot of promises that I do not believe he can keep.  I do not believe he can dismantle the system in place even with control of the House and Senate but he can attempt through policy initiatives to address the PAIN of “WE THE PEOPLE” and grow from this opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of all.  He can truly learn COMPASSION for “WE THE PEOPLE” and to seek to advocate for policy that meets the NEEDS of “WE THE PEOPLE”and put the pressure on the politicians to move it through the system in place. For I believe the people that elected him may have forgotten President-Elect Donald Trump can only advocate and propose, but the House and the Senate (filled with the “status quo” interest laden politicians) must legislate and unlock funds.

I believe this will be the President-Elects best opportunity to demonstrate what an effective leader he can be. What a statesman he must become.  It will take remarkable skill to meet the needs of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

He cannot do it on his own, even if he proves to have a real desire now that he has earned his place in history as President-Elect of the United States.  He will need “WE THE PEOPLE” to see each other as part of the same PAIN, sharing a common desire to do more than survive but instead thrive.

I do not know how I can help our President-Elect but each of us have a responsibility to try in whichever ways present themselves so that America can once again show to the world what is great about being American, which I would argue has yet another least common denominator, which is that of what is great about being “HUMAN”.  Yes the “human being” is the least common denominator capable of so much infinite evil and so much infinite good.

What is capable in America is capable through-out the world but I am only focused on my country at the moment.  So I close with this.  My name is Eric Jones and I live to be a Transformation Facilitator.  I believe in possibility and the power of “WE THE PEOPLE” and I believe in making the impossible Possible.  I further believe in our power to BELIEVE AGAIN, to believe in our nation, and to believe in ourselves as people for a nation is only as good as the people it is comprised of.  Mr. President-Elect if you need me, I am here to serve the Office of the President of the United States of America.  I declare this because even though I am aware that I am many things, one of those things is an American.

I am a holder of that Blue Passport with that powerful eagle with its wings wide spread and its talons outstretched clutching symbols in support of our great nation.  Yes this is Eric and this is a component of Who I Am.  Now I have a question for you.  Who are you and what do you choose to believe?

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Eric Jones signature strengths are Fairness, Kindness, Gratitude, Appreciation for Beauty & Excellence, and Social Intelligence. Mr. Jones enjoys facilitating his client’s discovery into a realm most seldom. entertain, the things we don't know that we don't know. Most people know what they know. Most people know what they don’t know. Few people entertain there is a realm that exist, which is made up of the things we don’t know that we don’t know. This is the realm that intrigues and inspires Mr. Jones the most. According to Mr. Jones, this is the realm where the impossible becomes possible. Mr. Jones purpose is to personally facilitate or provide every person on the planet the opportunity to KNOW THYSELF & SEIZE THE DAY, ergo Nosce te Ipsum et Carpe Diem, so they may truly BELIEVE in themselves and their DREAMS and then ensure they are empowered to achieve them. Mr. Jones believes facilitating this self-discovery and knowledge could restore balance in a chaotic world that has been caused by too many people being shaped in the image of others instead of themselves. He further believes humanity depends on these unrealized innovators, creators, creations, engineers, inventors, inventions, caregivers, farmers, scientist, teachers, and a gamete of other craftsmen & women for a more stable and sustainable world.

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