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Steve Martin Tweets “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.” and people are outraged.

As we slip into a New Year I wonder if anyone else has noticed how quick people are to react verses respond to almost anything. It is as if our “fight vs. flight” mechanism is out of balance and everything is turning into a fight.

Shakespeare wrote “All the world is a stage…” and the story I see played out over and over again is outrage, Carrie Fisher was a beautiful woman inside and out. In her earlier years she had men and boys and possibly other woman as well mesmerized by her stunning beauty and sexuality while being chained to the grotesque character known as Jobba the Hutt in the now iconized Star Wars franchise.

So to pick on Steve Martin and accuse him of bad taste for recalling how beautiful she was, in my opinion illustrates just how reactionary our society is becoming. Especially in light of the fact he adding to his short tweet that there was more to beauty to Ms. Fisher but depth of intelligence and whit.

It would be nice if we could all slow down and breath. I mean really stop before writing an article, reacting to a moment or situation, and just breath in and breath out for a few moment and think about what we will do next before we do it. If we as a people do not regain some balance and start to:

  • Respond verses React
  • Ask Questions verses Assume Answers
  • Demonstrate Tolerance vs Practicing Intolerance

things are only going to get worse.

We have everything from the U.S.Presidential election of 2016, the alleged actions of a foreign power to influence the democratic process of the United States, Racial Disparagement, a rise of Xenophobia, and so many other actions easily fueled by fear and lack of knowledge, that require us all to slow down and gain perspective before taking action. The alternative is catastrophic.

In my opinion Steve Martin’s tweet is a symptom of a bigger issue with peoples psyche in general. It is my observation besides the above:

  • We tend to listen less and talk more
  • We rarely give anyone or anything the benefit of the doubt
  • We tend to attribute Negative Intention verses Positive Intention
  • We tend to prejudge instead of seeking to understand before coming to a conclusion

These are not the behaviors attributed to developing healthy discourse. As we start 2017 I challenge you to reverse this trend and decide to:

  1. Listen to seek to understand before talking
  2. Attribute Positive Intention and give the benefit of the doubt more
  3. Take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to respond to your stimuli instead of reacting first
  4. Show more compassion for others and yourself.
  5. Accept there can be more than one correct answer so stop defending your right to be “RIGHT.”

I do not think Steve Martin should have had to delete his tweet due to public outrage. We are so sensitive today that we do not have real outrage for the truly outrageous. I would argue we are so tied up with our reactions over the generally trivial, that there is nothing left for what really demands our thought out response and rage.

I am Eric Anthony Jones and this is what I feel and part of Who I am. In closing I ask what do you believe and most importantly WHO ARE YOU?

About the Author Eric Jones

The author was born with a compassionate heart for others and has dedicated his life to assisting people solve what they call problems but he refers to as merely challenges to be overcome. His name means "Ruler In Peace," which is a lofty aspiration he strives to live up to. He focuses on roles that permit him to utilize his skills as a "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker" for he is happiest helping bridge gaps between what people have and strive to achieve or obtain. He believes there is always a way and never tires in his effort to find that way for each person he assists. He understands that we live in a world of finite resources but believes in the infinite possibilities we can manifest if we simply choose to BELIEVE and then take ACTION in furtherance of our Belief. Ultimately this means he believes he can find a way to make what others see as impossible, POSSIBLE.

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