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About the Company

  • I created GET REAL & GET IT RIGHT after I Got Real & Started Getting It Right Myself.
  • I understand you have your own challenges, pains and dreams.  The ONLY thing that matters in our interaction is that I assist you with solving them.
  • That is the extraordinary value provided, other wise there is no reason to be here. 


One of the reasons the world is so chaotic and out of balance is too many people have been shaped in the image of others. They were not shaped in their own image.


This is why the world lacks the innovators, creators, engineers, caregivers, farmers, scientist, teachers, inventors, inventions and gamete of other workers needed to restore balance to our world.


  • If more people lived fully expressed lives the most efficient inventions would already exist. 
  • We would no longer need fossil fuels.  
  • Farming practices would be sustainable.
  • We would be better equipped to feed the world’s population.
  • Equitable economic models would have evolved.
  • Marxism, Socialism and Capitalism would no longer exist.
  • Many of the worlds current challenges would not exist.

I wish I could declare there would also be NO wars. I wish I could write we would live a perfect and peaceful existence. However, that is not what I think. I believe humans are human. Human beings will always be susceptible to jealousy, envy, greed, and gluttony. This will always gives rise to aggression.

In spite of this belief, I do believe the world would be a better place if people lived a fully expressed life and I am hear to help you realize that reality for yourself and those you care about and love.

Areas of Focus & Relief

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    Strengths vs. Weaknesses
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    Weight Loss
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    ​Emotional  Distress
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    Personal Courage
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    Personal Growth

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What Our Clients Say

His ability to truly feel people's needs, vulnerability, and humanity is uncanny...”

"In this world of innumerable people who claim themselves to be life coaches and tranformationists, Eric Anthony Jones stands apart simply because he gets it. His ability to truly feel people's needs, vulnerability, and humanity is uncanny. He understands in ways that most people cannot even imagine because of his own life experiences. He listens with care and depth, a skill that is rare these days in a world where one can feel lost in a cluttered landscape of noise and talking heads just wanting to hear themselves. Because of his enormous compassion, Eric can see the human in you that you never knew existed, and help you work through the challenges that hold you back and at the same time can be your greatest strengths. His passion is to help his fellow human, giving them dignity, hope, and encouragement even in the darkest times."

Mi Ae Lipe

Founder, Driving in the Real World & What Now Design; Author, Bounty from the Box Cookbook; BMW Roundel columnist

“His compassionate listening allowed me to see...”

“Meeting Eric changed my life! His compassionate listening allowed me to see my way of thinking was getting in the way of my success. Working with him helped me breakthrough many of my barriers and helped make me the successful person I am today.”

Ray Williams

Entrepreneur, Educator

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