Rainbow in Rural Southeast Asia



Well, I just woke up about 50 minutes ago to slip into a New and Prosperous Year. 2016 went away effortlessly, not trying to cause attention to itself, just as 2017 has arrived for me and is on its way for you with little effort.

If the world did not make so much Fan Fare about December 31, they would both come and go with little notice, yet their significance for people regarding hope and despair are immense (the passing and beginning of each year).

For me this moment, right now at 1:55 am in the morning on January 1, 2017, somewhere in Southeast Asia,it  is another moment to be grateful, to feel inspired, to know that I am OK. I am perfect, complete, not lacking in any way as a person at this given moment in time. This is true for you as well.

To truly have this awareness and understanding deep in my heart is a beautiful gift any day of the year, not just now. However, since all there is at any PRESENT MOMENT is now, I smile and thank God, however God is defined for yet another breath, another smile, another opportunity to be challenged, stretch, succeed or fail which is another way of saying to learn what works for me and what did not.  🙂

I do not chose to stress or to cry or to be ungrateful for what I do not have, especially to the point of missing what I do have. No I chose to savor this moment like a meat eater savors sucking the marrow out of a bone that has been cooked in a good stew or stock. Yes, my mouth waters at this moment of life and I pray it waters at each passing moment, for life is good!

It is not good and bad. It is good in my opinion for do we really have the correct discernment to ascertain what is good and bad? Aren’t these emotions or conclusion relative and indiscernible at any given moment in the continuum of time? I think so.

So I just choose to smile at 2:02 am in the morning of this glorious and magnanimous New Year and I hope to do so each passing moment, today and any other day I may be graced with for the purpose of living life to the fullest, expressing love and kindness to the fullest, encouraging others to live their life to the fullest and developing more compassion and self compassion for themselves and others.

So I close reminding the world that I am Eric Anthony Jones and this is part of WHO I AM. As always, I have the same question and that is, WHO ARE YOU?

About the Author Eric Jones

The author was born with a compassionate heart for others and has dedicated his life to assisting people solve what they call problems but he refers to as merely challenges to be overcome. His name means "Ruler In Peace," which is a lofty aspiration he strives to live up to. He focuses on roles that permit him to utilize his skills as a "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker" for he is happiest helping bridge gaps between what people have and strive to achieve or obtain. He believes there is always a way and never tires in his effort to find that way for each person he assists. He understands that we live in a world of finite resources but believes in the infinite possibilities we can manifest if we simply choose to BELIEVE and then take ACTION in furtherance of our Belief. Ultimately this means he believes he can find a way to make what others see as impossible, POSSIBLE.

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