THIS VIDEO SHOULD SHOCK YOU AND MAKE YOU SMILE.  In this video you would learn why no matter how many times you have tried and failed to bring about the changes in your life on your own, you should not give up or blame yourself.  I am challenging you to take action.

I know I can make a significant difference in your life.  Make an investment in your life and Watch My Video on Knowing Yourself, that could change your life forever.

About the Author Eric Jones

I am a fair, kind, compassionate, man forged out of Universal Love who is filled with an inexhaustible depth of gratitude for being able to appreciate and recognize the beauty and excellence in others that may often go unnoticed regardless of the accomplishments they may have already achieved. My heart’s desire is to facilitate or provide every person on the planet the opportunity to KNOW THYSELF & SEIZE THE DAY, ergo Nosce te Ipsum et Carpe Diem, so they truly BELIEVE in themselves and their DREAMS. I believe this self-discovery and knowledge could restore balance in a chaotic world that has been caused by too many people being shaped in the image of others instead of themselves thus failing to fulfill their own true potential. I further believe humanity depends on these unrealized innovators, creators, creations, engineers, inventors, inventions, caregivers, farmers, scientist, teachers, and a gamete of other craftsmen & women for a more stable and sustainable existence

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