Time To Believe


I know one of the reasons the world is so chaotic and out of balance.  Too many people have been shaped in the image of others.  They were not shaped in their own image.

This is why the world Time to BELIEVE in new possibilitieslacks the innovators, creators, engineers, caregivers, farmers, scientist, teachers, inventors, inventions and gamete of other workers needed to restore balance to our world.

If more people lived fully expressed lives the most efficient inventions would already exist.  We would no longer need fossil fuels and farming practices would be sustainable.  We would be better equipped to feed the world’s population. Equitable economic models would have evolved. Marxism, Socialism and Capitalism would no longer exist.  Many of the worlds current challenges would not exist.

I wish I could declare there would also be NO wars.  I wish I could write we would live a perfect and peaceful existence.  However, that is not what I think.   I believe humans are human.  Human beings will always be susceptible to jealousy, envy, greed, and gluttony.  This will always gives rise to aggression. In spite of this belief, I do believe the world would be a better place if people lived a fully expressed life.


The purpose of this website is to help you to live the life you know, or knew you were born to live.  My role is to help you “BELIEVE AGAIN.”

I have designed this site to connect with individuals who know they were born to accomplish more than they have accomplished.  If you are such a person it was designed to empower you to fulfill your truest calling.  It  is time to unlock and unleash the inexhaustible power of the human spirit within you.

I  exist to empower you to pursue your beliefs, dreams, and goals.  I will not rest until you “BELIEVE” in your dreams and visions for the first time or are reacquainted to what you once knew to be true for you.


I want to help you identify and follow the path that leads you to the attainment of your dreams.  I am 100% committed to facilitating this reality for you.  “NO ONE” will give it to you.  You have to make it happen.  However, I will not stop assisting you until you have achieved your desired outcome.

My desire for you is a life where you feel fulfilled.  I desire to help you become a beacon of light to others.  I want to see the positive impact you  create for yourself and the planet for I believe in the power inside of you.  Therefore I will stand by your side.  I will push and/or pull you when I should.  I will also watch you push and pull yourself as appropriate on this journey.


When I help you, I believe I am helping restore balance to the earth and humanity one precious person at a time .  This is part of “Who I Am.” Now ponder this.   I have shared with you part of “Who I am and what I stand for.” “Who Are You and what do you want to achieve?”

About the Author Eric Jones

The author was born with a compassionate heart for others and has dedicated his life to assisting people solve what they call problems but he refers to as merely challenges to be overcome. His name means "Ruler In Peace," which is a lofty aspiration he strives to live up to. He focuses on roles that permit him to utilize his skills as a "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker" for he is happiest helping bridge gaps between what people have and strive to achieve or obtain. He believes there is always a way and never tires in his effort to find that way for each person he assists. He understands that we live in a world of finite resources but believes in the infinite possibilities we can manifest if we simply choose to BELIEVE and then take ACTION in furtherance of our Belief. Ultimately this means he believes he can find a way to make what others see as impossible, POSSIBLE.

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