What My Client's Say..

In this world of innumerable people who claim themselves to be life coaches and tranformationists, Eric Anthony Jones stands apart simply because he gets it. His ability to truly feel people's needs, vulnerability, and humanity is uncanny. He understands in ways that most people cannot even imagine because of his own life experiences. He listens with care and depth, a skill that is rare these days in a world where one can feel lost in a cluttered landscape of noise and talking heads just wanting to hear themselves. Because of his enormous compassion, Eric can see the human in you that you never knew existed, and help you work through the challenges that hold you back and at the same time can be your greatest strengths. His passion is to help his fellow human, giving them dignity, hope, and encouragement even in the darkest times.

Mr Jones is a very patient and compassionate person. He never fail to believe in ones goodness and ability to change for the better in their life. He is always ready to guide and share generously with his life experiences and wisdom, to inspire people to live up to their best potential and who they are. He is a teacher that will teach, a friend that will listen, a mentor that will inspire.

Meeting Eric changed my life! His compassionate listening allowed me to see my way of thinking was getting in the way of my success. Working with him helped me breakthrough many of my barriers and helped make me the successful person I am today.

Social Worker

With all heart and sincere gratitude to Mr. Eric Jones and his law firm that made it possible for me to get my permanent residency status [Green card] after being in the United States over 13 years, I am writing this personal testimony for others not to lose hope in adjusting their immigration status in the United States.

Empower Law firm believes in preserving and fighting for the dignity of the human persona despite the legal issues. Every time I visited Mr. Jones's office, I felt welcome and taken into consideration with my thoughts and opinions about my own case and others.

I want to thank Mr. Jones for always taking in consideration what was best for me when he consulted with other professionals to make a decision on my case. My life has changed for the better and now it has a sense of direction to help others in my limited capacities to promote social justice, not to lose their hope to life and pursuit of happiness in the United States.

Mr. Jones's tenacity and strong advocacy between the criminal justice system, US government, and the Department of Immigration restored the hope that was lost in me. Mr. Jones advocated for my human and civil rights, as he understood the permanent implications that my deportation to El Salvador would imply for my life."

Three years ago I got an exciting job offer at the school I am currently working at. However, being a foreigner, I couldn't legally work here in the U.S. without a work permit (H1-B visa). The head teacher at my school recommended Eric Jones, who was also handling her case at the time. Before talking to Mr. Jones, I had already talked to a couple of lawyers. But all I got was pessimism and uncertainty from all of them. Needless to say, I did not expect much from the next lawyer I was about to meet with. However, I was pleasantly surprised by what followed. Mr. Jones took over my case only after he was one-hundred-percent sure and positive of the outcome. It lifted my spirits to know that I was in good hands.

Mr. Jones is a very optimistic person. He is confident, straightforward, knowledgeable, and collected. He treats each client as a family member. No matter how many times you call him, he is always there with a calm attitude and smile on his face, ever ready to serve you. He always returned my calls promptly. He assured me that I would not have to worry and that he would handle everything. I must say that my case progressed exactly as he said it would ... he was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions uncomplainingly. I had great representation and I really felt like he cared about me. That means a lot when an attorney is not just looking at the dollar sign. I am very impressed with his work. His firm really knows what they are doing and I would refer them to anyone. Thank you Eric for a marvelous job on my case. You made the impossible POSSIBLE!

Entrepreneur, President, and CEO

We obtained my wife's green card approval with the help of Eric's excellent legal services. Eric walked us through the entire process from end to end, and he prepared us for the expected as well as the unexpected. Eric is one of the kindest, friendliest, and most honorable attorneys we have ever obtained legal services from. His honesty and integrity is truly in a class of its own, and we will definitely maintain our relationship with him for our future needs.

I have made several attempts to write a glowing testimony for your web site. Every time I have written something, it's sounded so corny-I'm still working on it. How do you say Eric Jones saved my life for real! And the other ones I wrote sounded like a commercial... If you are even looking at this web site, you do need Eric Jones-I am standing here because of him. I wrote about how I was detained out of state and Eric got me out and helped my family deal with the situation emotionally. He is better than a lawyer... he is a superstar to not just me but to everyone I know across the globe (and it's true that you now have many fans, Eric)!

An excellent adviser, very well motivated in life, who believes that there is always a positive side in every life situations; this is who Eric Anthony Jones is to me.

He inspired and continues to inspire me in so many ways. He really helped me change my perspective in life. I used to be a negative person but when I got to know him and he started working with me, he helped make me realize that there is no problem in life only challenges.

He helped change my perspective and see "Challenges" can be overcome if you stay focused and positive. A challenge is something to overcome. There is a solution. We just need to start asking the right questions and are smart enough to figure out what the right questions are. We are empowered to adapt and overcome.

Eric is by far the most committed person I've ever met. He will stay with you as long as you need him. He never gets tired of encouraging people to live and exceed beyond his/her potential.

Along the journey I have wanted to quit, give up, and even be self destructive. Eric's intervention along the ways is one of the reasons I am still among the living and pursing my business dream to open my own private school in the Philippines to make a difference in the lives of the kids we encounter. I know this goal will be realized thanks to Eric Anthony Jones.

Mi Ae Lipe
Ray Williams
Laila Kabani
LaVonte Elegan
Carlie Fisher
Evelyn Tapia


I have been a caring, affectionate, compassionate, and loving person since I was a child.  In elementary school, I was always trying to improve the lives of others, even as I endured the racism that was prevalent in my life.

I recall watching movies on TV like Jesus of Nazareth and the Ten Commandments.  I remember crying every time I witnessed the character portraying Jesus, getting crucified, and hearing those words "Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do."

It was not until I started writing this section of my About/Why page that I realized what a profound impact those words have had on my entire life and may be why I have had, what some would describe as an over abundance of compassion for my fellow human being.  What I know is that it is from this place of compassion, people have found their way to me and I have listened, advised, and encouraged them since a very young age.


It has not mattered where I was: elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, the U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School, serving in the military, serving in corrections or law enforcement, or serving in the law; people have always sought me out for counsel and advice and I have loved to provide whatever assistance I could.  My hearts desire has always been to to make another human soul feel lighter, more encouraged and less burdened.

That is what I loved most of all in my profession as an attorney and counselor at law.  

It was the counseling, the advising, the helping people see what was right there in front of them, but they just did not have the eyes to see, or the ears to hear at the moment.  That is what brought me so much pleasure and it was when I was referred to as counselor or counsel that my heart would leap in my chest, NOT the term attorney.

It was as if my body or very soul reacted to those words for deep inside me it knew my true calling before I fully realized or accepted it.​


It has been a natural progression to transition from law to coaching.  

Indirectly I had been engaged in elements of it all my life.  

I was using psychology, philosophy, reason, logic, compassion, listening, communication, empathy, non-judgment, openness and so much more in the law and throughout my life.  

All that was needed to successfully make the transition from law to coaching was to learn more methodologies and understand in this role it was detrimental to solve my client's issues by giving answers, and so stop giving all the answers.  ;-)   ;-)   ;-)

I bet if you are honest and not a lawyer, you would think that was hard for me.  LOL!!!!!  :-) 

Actually, it was not hard for it has always been about finding what was best for those I served and believing my clients were better equipped to solve their problems than they believed.  I always tried to spend more time listening to my client's and encouraging them to believe.

Now I have evolved to understanding, that the skills my legal client's needed were my mastery of listening, discerning, asking the right questions and understanding the nuances of the law.  

The skill you need from me are the same: to listen attentively, to frame, reframe and redirect things that you share with me during our session in a way that stimulate reflection.  

Now I assist clients to discover their own discrepancies, inconsistencies, or in-congruent thought process for the purpose of creating an epiphany that leads to their empowerment, uplifting, and growth instead of to the detriment of themselves or another.  I was born for this and would be honored to do the same for you.


As I decided to expand my practice the concept of "The Who Am I Quiz" was born.  Probably influenced by one too many sci-fi movies.  I became convinced that the world is populated by the walking dead.  

People are present, but not here.  Somewhere along the way, a huge segment of the population, through conditioning and both good and bad intentions have been lulled into an existence incompatible with most peoples true sense of self.

People are disconnected from themselves to such a degree that they do not know who they really are.  If they are aware of what makes them truly feel alive, they are so busy keeping up with the pace of humanity, that they fail to make sure their actions are consistent with their own values, beliefs, desires, and norms.

Many people suppress pursuing many of the ideas, vision, and dreams they have had, due to the wishes or instructions of a parent, the lack of encouragement from those in authority over them, and the out and out rejection of such ideas, dreams and visions, by friends, family, and sometimes even society.

So I decided to create this site for I wanted to create a place you and others like you could find in order to rediscover that inner calling possibly long lost or even forgotten.


At least part of life, if not all of life is about growth, transitions, and development.  I have spent my whole life evolving.  I have had the privilege of traveling to many countries around the world and being exposed to many cultures, ideas, and beliefs.  

I have learned to be more inclusive than exclusive.  This inclusiveness, has encompassed my life in all areas, from the cultures I embrace as part of my own, to the expressions of faith in a higher being.

I have learned to accept the multitude of ramifications and opportunities that arise and are compounded from such a lifestyle, a lifestyle that often goes against the fabric of the status quo and thinking of the majority of any particular group.

These experiences, my willingness to be different and go against the norms,  and so many more elements makes me who I am today.  

It is the amalgamation of all these elements and experiences that enrich my life in a way that helps me function as an efficient "Bridge-Builder" and "Way-Maker" for you on whatever journey you chose to embark on with me.  

My hearts desire is to bring more peace, love, and tranquility into your life by facilitating your self-reflection and self-realization into who you are.  

I am here to get you to think about what that means to you in your quest for fulfillment, freedom from impediments in your life that tarnish your sense of enjoyment and contentment.

In a world filled with people who hunger for love but are so afraid to acknowledge this and embrace it primarily due to a fear of rejection, I am here to serve you out of a genuine spirit of selfless love and to bridge the gap that exists between your Real self and Ideal Self.


Projects in the works or in some stage of planning and development:

  • ​Quizzes to stimulate self-reflection, which is partly why this site is named as it is
  • Music to Stimulate Self Reflection
  • Photographs to Stimulate Self-Reflection
  • Videos to Stimulate Self Reflection​

Over time this website will be a depository of resources and scholarship to stimulate self-reflection and thus self-realization.

The blog shall consist of articles, images, video and music to promote your growth and progress towards intentional change.

To stay informed of the developments unfolding here please provide a valid email when the option is presented to you.  

I will hold your email in the strictest of confidence and not sell or share your email with anyone without your expressed permission.  

It will only be used to notify you when a resource has been created and added that may promote your own efforts to attain an even more fulfilling life.

261 K Problems Solved
77 K Hugs Given
169 K Happy Moments Created
82 K Hour Listening To Others
123 K Acts Of Tolerance Demonstrated

"The Making of This Coach"

This section was originally planned to be labeled something like "Meet the Team," but since the team is ME.  I decided I wanted to do something a little different, ACTUALLY A LOT DIFFERENT.

The coaching process is not about looking good, putting ones best appearance forward, etc.  It is about you and I "KEEPING IT REAL."  It is about being real, open, and honest.

No one else can do what I do for my business. My clients are coached by me and they would break the relationship without thinking twice if someone else tried to replace me and part of the reason is because we have kept it real with one another.

A very strong confidential bond has been created that normally leads to a continuous relationship.

Keeping It Real

As I shared this bond is created through transparency, openness, vulnerability, and a mutual desire to create a change.  

  • Your desire to want to bring about a change in some area of your life
  • My desire to want to facilitate that change in your life

So the first challenge for me is to effectively give you insight into who Eric Anthony Jones is to empower you to decide if there is something innate in me as a person that resonates with you. 

For no matter how accomplished we may be, we all need effective leadership in our life, from time to time, to take us from where we are to where we want to be.  We all need coaches and are lucky when we find the right one for us.

Leading By Example

I believe transparency is an important element of good leadership.  So I lead by being as transparent with you as you will need to be with me.  

For in transparency there is freedom.  All has been revealed so there is nothing later hiding to sabotage us as a barrier to acceptance or understanding.

In this world of multiple levels of masks, it is so difficult to find an environment where you can SAFELY come clean about anything and everything and be real and experience compassion and non-judgment, regardless of what being real entails revealing.

But such an environment can manifest itself and be sustained in a coaching relationship.  An environment where we can safely navigate between what Self-Discrepancy Theory identifies as one's "Ought Self" and one's "Ideal Self" without creating a conflict between the two that can lead to unintended negative consequences.

This is what needs to happen and can happen in a coaching relationship, but can only happen when there is a deep level of honesty, openness, and vulnerability.  

To facilitate this process I created the photo gallery that you will find below.  It is my way of leading by example in the area of transparency, and giving you a priceless reflection of life's teachings in my life that may enable me to have insight and understanding into yours.

This gallery is not filled with the sorts of pictures your parents would show a friend.  It is filled with images that reflect the good, the bad, the ugly.​  That means it includes pictures people generally would not want anyone else to see.

You may ask if this is true, why am I placing them here on a public website for total strangers to see.  The answer is, because I am free and neither the images or events depicted hold power over me.

If you stick around this site long enough or hire me as your coach you will learn many of those we esteem as achieving greatness in their lifetime did not let elements of their lives stop them from achieving their dreams as well​.

The Great Teacher

There are many quotes where people have asserted that "LIFE" is the best teacher and guide.

Every struggle, every adventure, every loss, every feat and all our experiences give us significant knowledge.

I come to the this juncture of our meeting with my knowledge and you with yours.  Together, through the phenomenal energy created through SYNERGY, I believe we have the potential to create the sort of relationship necessary to unleash the spark of genius in you necessary to manifest the change you are dreaming of.

Who Is Eric Anthony Jones?

I am a rich creation born out of and continually evolving from the Agony and Ecstasy of the experiential existence we call life.

I am a man who seeks to lead by example.

I am a man of deep passions and commitments.

I am a man who circled in the highest sphere's of influence, knows what it feels like to fall from grace, and what it feels like to rise again in this journey we call life.

I am a man prepared to give my best for you, in order to help you give your best to those you love and care about.  Yet none of these elements of "WHO I AM" delve deep into the essence of the core of my being.

These are just mere samplings for my core is rich and deep and still forming as life progresses, but don't take my word for it.  Explore for yourself. 

I Leave It To You

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and there are roughly 189 pictures in this gallery.

I do not expect you to look through all of them but, I give you that option.

You will discover tears cried, struggles endured, accomplishments and achievements obtained.

You will see a man operating in the highest spheres of influence.  You will also see a man comfortably adapting to different socioeconomic groupings of people.

You will see acts of embracing and accepting those who live a different lifestyle and/or hold different beliefs.  

You will witness the expression of love and compassion.  You will further see great heartache and anguish.

There are intentionally no captions with these images.  

I do not identify the dignitaries, Heads of States, Members of Delegations, Clergy, Imams, Authors, Actors, Politicians from various countries, Music Composers, Judges, persons of different ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, professions, etc. for who they are and what our interactions were are not pertinent except to convey one thing, LIFE.


All of these images are composed of people, events and experiences that have molded my perceptions, beliefs and given me insight into others and myself and thus I share them with you as a means of revealing just a taste of the sorts of life experiences that have shaped and molded me to better serve you.

Incredible events that have taught me aspects about:

  • ​Being a parent, so I could relate to various parenting issues you may wish to address
  • Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Native American Spirituality, religious tolerance & so much more
  • The challenges faced by ethnic minorities and fears expressed by dominant majorities
  • Power, success, failure, triumph, broken hearts, betrayal, loyalty, friendship 
  • Balancing work priorities, with family and other considerations
  • Combating Limiting Beliefs, Self-Pity, Negative Emotional States
  • Losing and and NOT GAINING BACK 50 lbs or more of unwanted FAT
  • Moving from Chaos to order in ones environment and in ones life
  • Seeking and Finding Contentment
  • and the lessons learned go on and on.....

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